Odzież reklamowa – doskonałe narzędzie promocji!

Our target is high quality, unique style, and good design!

We believe that a regular T-shirt and a personalized print expresses all the more, and that’s why we employ all our passion to create your brand. What we need is the fabric, stencil, expertise in most interesting trends and a dash of imagination!

We design and sew T-shirts, sweatshirts, and advertising bags, and print on them anything that gets through the stencil! Our philosophy is to approach each design individually and pay closest attention to the smallest detail. We select matching inks, implement unusual effects, take care to 100% reflect the graphics on the T-shirt. We’ll fall over backwards to make screen printing match the quality of digital printing and create something more than just any garments.

Our screen printing carousel can handle each and every design! If you need ready-made T-shirts, have a look at our range of T-shirts from well-known manufacturers. They’re ready for decorating with some extraordinary print.

How to prepare a file for printing?

Save the ready file with printable graphics in the target size. The minimum resolution required is 300 dpi.
For vector graphics, the file should be sent in curves, in the .pdf or .ai format.

Don’t have a design yet? Have it made with us!
We provide comprehensive service – design, sewing, and printing all in one place

Need ready-made advertising T-shirts? We boast a full range of T-shirts from well-known manufacturers – and offer help in selecting a model that best responds to the needs of a specific project!

Our original prints prove that otherwise boring corporate T-shirts are now a must-have! So ... bring on the screen printing season!