We specialize in screen printing!

Why screen printing?

Screen printing is a technique that dates back thousands of years. It was our grandmothers who revived the traditional stencil printing, and since they are the greatest authorities in quality assessment for us, expect a quadruple WOW effect!

The screen printing technique works especially well when you’re looking for something that will get the print on your company’s T-shirts stand out. Shimmering gold or silver, neon colours, protuberances, and other special effects. What makes stencil stand out is its ability to print almost any type and colour of graphics, and reproduce the details exactly, all of these at good price! Screen printing is affordable even for 20 items.

Among various techniques, screen printing is the one which guarantees good coverage of all textiles and highest print durability. Will resist water, intensive washing, or UV rays! All thanks to several types of ink, which we select depending on the prints and the fabric itself.

At Printing Season, we use:


Plastisol inks

These are best for both simple and most complex graphics – reflect details accurately, allow for precise reproduction of the entire colour palette, and at the same time have the least technical limitations. For any cotton clothing which gets under our stencil – plastisol is the number one! Works well when printing on dark materials, and thanks to fixing at high temperature, is extremely resistant to external factors.

Waterbased inks

The inks are low opacity so we print waterbased inks on bright fabrics. Dries very quickly, and leaves a soft and durable finish on almost any fabric. And, above all, is eco-friendly!

Discharge ink(s)

It’s actually not ink, but a means to “pull out” the colour. An ideal method for dark, preferably cotton fabrics, which renders accurate colours. The applied prints are smooth and imperceptible to touch.

CMYK inks

Wherever DTG print quality is needed for multi-coloured prints, our CMYK ink system comes into play! Will please even the most demanding clients, mirror perfectly the colours and details in print – both on light and dark fabrics.

One thing is a given: the screen printing technique meets every colour requirement, and each time renders an amazing result!

And this is not all – the secret of success lies in the way the print is at each stage imposed.

How the printing process works?

First, we prepare files. For multi-coloured print, we prepare the colour separation, using specialized software and our many years’ worth of expertise to best reproduce the graphics on the T-shirt. If the fabric designated for printing is dark, we saturate the colours and select the appropriate ruling. After sending the file to the printer, a printing plate, professionally called diapositive, is created. Next, we select the appropriate stencils – everything depends on density of the mesh. We choose it on the basis of the type of ink and graphics. The next stage is illumination of the stencil along with the printing design. Now comes the most important element, i.e. transferring ink to clothing. Each colour is printed separately and for each colour we prepare separate matrices – thanks to which the colours are accurately reproduced and the entire print is extremely precise. Finally, settings, drying and … done! Merging the latest ink system and traditional technique renders soft, pleasant to the touch applications while maintaining graphics details.