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T-shirt printing techniques

There are many techniques for labelling clothing and promotional gadgets. The most popular are certainly thermal transfer, sublimation, screen printing, DTG, flex and flock foils, as well as computer embroidery. But is there a single best method? Not really - because different techniques work well in different cases. The choice of application method should depend on the type of graphic, the print run and the material on which the graphic or logo is to be applied.

The best technique for applying logos and graphics to T-shirts

Corporate identity is now one of the most important elements used in building a brand image, and creating eye-catching graphics or a memorable logo is only the beginning. Graphics and logos still need to be placed on T-shirts or promotional items in such a way that the details and colours of the design are well represented, and the motif is durable and resistant to everyday use. The key decision will therefore be which of the available techniques to use - screen printing, thermal transfer, sublimation, DTG print, flex film and flock or maybe computer embroidery?

T-shirts with your own graphic or logo - available options

When you decide to make personalized T-shirts and promotional gadgets, it is worth using the offer of Printing Season, which carries out orders using the most popular techniques - thermal transfer, sublimation, screen printing, DTG, flex and flock foil or computer embroidery. Among other things, this is important because of the quality and durability that we expect, as well as the cost-effectiveness of the order. Computer embroidery, for example, is actually the most durable method of labelling clothing, but it can be quite expensive and unprofitable in the case of complex and large graphics. For this reason, many customers opt for DTG printing (cost-effective from 1 piece), screen printing (cost-effective from 20 pieces and more) or thermal transfer (for larger print runs), which also give excellent visual effects. Sublimation is a great option too, however it is only effective on products made of polyester. Using flex or flock foil also gives interesting effects.

Not sure which technique to choose? Relax, leave it to us, contact us and we will take care of the rest.


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