Printing Season
Digital printing and prints on clothing are our speciality. We own all possible techniques of garment printing and we choose the best technique for a particular order.
Thanks to DTG technology, we can print full colour graphics from as little as 1 item, ensuring at the same time high durability and quality of the print.
We provide a full selection of ready-to-print promotional garments of famous brands. We also offer the possibility to sew your own imprinted clothing.

Print on sweatshirts in Warsaw - see what we can do for you

We make prints on T-shirts, sweatshirts, workwear, hats and bags with all available printing techniques, to guarantee the highest quality of prints. We will carry out even the most complicated projects that will meet your expectations. We pay great attention to details, therefore each printed shirt is a real little masterpiece.

Direct digital DTG printing

DTG printing is a huge innovation in the world of printing on T-shirts and other garments. Unlike screen printing method, where orders pay off only with a bigger quantity of imprints, with DTG it makes sense to order as little as 1 (one!) piece! It is perfect if you only need to order a few pieces or create just one print on a blouse, t-shirt or shirt.
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DTG digital printing

Brief information about our digital print shop

Printing Season studio has been present on the market for over a decade. During that time we have gathered a lot of experience and served hundreds of satisfied customers, providing services with the use of various technologies - starting with DTG digital printing, through thermal transfer and sublimation, up to computer embroidery. We have produced thousands of high quality T-shirts, caps, bags and other promotional clothing items, which perfectly illustrates the wide scale of our activity. In our work we focus on the best possible results and punctuality in completing orders. We also believe that making a perfect cap, bag or t-shirt with digital printing or computer embroidery is a real art, which we have learnt over the past years from every possible angle, and our satisfied, new and returning customers, reward us for the hard work we put in every day.

Digital printing house Printing Season - the best advertising clothing

Since the beginning of Printing Season we are constantly trying to develop and expand our offer in order to provide our customers with the best advertising clothing, especially caps, bags and t-shirts with digital printing or extremely durable computer embroidery. We invest in people as well as professional equipment and modern technology - all in order to constantly improve the efficiency and speed up our work and the quality of our services in the field of promotional clothing and gadgets. We carefully analyse each order and, if necessary, advise our customers on the most suitable and cost-effective digital or other technique (e.g. flex foil or flock) of applying selected graphics to the surface of T-shirts, caps or bags. We have the professional equipment and expertise necessary to perform sublimation, thermal transfer, screen printing, DTG, decorations using flex and flock foil, as well as computer embroidery. As a result, our clients receive clothes, as well as caps and bags with digital print or computer embroidery of the highest quality, and the ordered products are perfect as a basic element of visual identification of any brand.

Advertising clothing labelling in Printing Season

The multitude of technologies and equipment we use allows us to fulfil all orders for branded T-shirts, caps or bags in a very short time. See for yourself that our digital prints and computer embroidery on T-shirts and other items are truly unique, impressing with their rich colour palette, intense contrast and extremely precise reproduction of details. Our modern technology is also perfect for personalising other accessories and gadgets. We have a wide range of products for individual customers, companies and advertising agencies whishing to order permanent labelling for promotional clothing, as well as printed caps and bags. We fulfil orders for t-shirts and gadgets for customers from all over the country, including Warsaw, Gdansk and Poznan - so don't hesitate and check our offer today!


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T-shirt printing techniques

There are many garment marking techniques, and at Printing Season we have made sure that you have access to these best and most popular forms of shirt creation, printed sweatshirts, t-shirts and other items of clothing, in the Warsaw area and beyond. In our workshop we can print with screen printing method, sublimation or DTG print. You can also order garments marked with termotransfer, flex and flock film, as well as computer embroidery. For each order we individually select a specific technique, depending on the material or the effect you want to accomplish on your t-shirt or other item of clothing. Our qualified staff will be happy to advise you and tell you how to optimise your order and which methods to use to achieve the effect you dream of.

Computer embroidery on clothing

At Printing Season we use advanced embroidery machines from japanese manufacturer Tajima. This equipment allows us to offer embroidery at the highest level, so that printed clothing you ordered will look even better.
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Screen printing - prints on T-shirts

Screen printing is undoubtedly the most popular and frequently chosen T-shirt printing technique. Advertising prints on clothing made with the screen printing method are very durable and faithful to the original graphic design. This allows you to create your own unique garments.
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Prints on T-shirts

Top quality printing

With us, you can be sure that your t-shirt prints will be extremely durable and 100% true to design. Our Epson DTG printers print any multicolour print with gradients and details. High quality digital printing allows even the most demanding projects to be completed.

The more, the cheaper

The more you order, the less you pay for computer embroidery and other decoration methods! Screen printing method requires certain fixed costs, which decrease as the quantity of garments printed increases. Large orders really do pay off!

Modern machinery

What ensures the high quality of our prints is not only the method, but also the equipment used for printing. Thanks to our M&R screen printing machines we are able to provide high quality and outstanding performance - up to 800 garments per hour!

We sew T-shirts and promotional clothing

We value high quality, unique style and good design. We believe that an ordinary printed T-shirt expresses more, that is why we passionately help to create your brand. All we need for this is fabric, a screen, knowledge of the most interesting trends and a bit of imagination! Trust our experience and order individual printed garments!
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Koszulki wiszące na wieszaku

Catalogue of clothing

Check out the available printed garments in our catalogue.
Catalogue of clothing

Corporate prints on T-shirts

T-shirt printing is a great form of advertising for your business. Offered by Printing Season printed t-shirts are a faithful reproduction of any graphic design, together with its richness in colour. We create our prints not only on T-shirts, but also on sweatshirts and other apparel. If you need a non-standard and interesting advertisement that will attract attention, then our shirts will surely be perfect. Contact us and find out more about the possibilities of our printing house in Warsaw.
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Roadway summer camp

T-shirt printing for agencies

Do you represent an advertising agency? Or maybe you are looking for a contractor for wholesale orders? We are at your service! At Printing Season we have an offer prepared specially for you. If you would like to find out more about our printed shirts write to us and ask for our wholesale print price list and we will send you our attractive offer for printing on T-shirts in Warsaw and more.
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T-shirt print design Warsaw

Prints made by us

Printed cotton bags

Cotton bags with your own imprint are currently one of the best promotional gadgets.
Bags are useful to customers, multipurpose and cheaper to produce than T-shirts, making them perfect for a variety of occasions. High quality digital printing allows you to faithfully reproduce on them your logo or other design of your choice.
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Black bag printed with "do not harm"

We print on caps

A printed cap, from a company perspective, can be a very good promotional gadget that goes perfectly with a printed shirt.
Those made by well-known brands almost always feature a logo, distinguishing the product as of that particular company.
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Black printed cap

Opinions of our customers

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    Frequently asked questions

    Everyone who needs high quality prints on T-shirts or sweatshirts can use our services. As a professional screen printing studio, we produce any graphic design on T-shirts, caps and bags. Thanks to specialised methods we can offer you a durable print which will perfectly reflect the depth of colours used in the design.

    We treat each project individually, with extreme priority. We know how many advantages permanent prints on T-shirts (used for advertising purposes) can give. Quality and excellent contact with customers are elements of our work thanks to which we very often receive positive opinions from people using our services.

    As a specialist studio, we mainly use screen printing and thermal transfer (thermal printing). These techniques allow us to achieve the highest level of graphic quality on clothing. Durability and extraordinary colour depth make screen printing and thermal transfer the most optimal techniques in most cases.

    Take a look at our portfolio on this website to see for yourself the outstanding quality of our prints. We present there both clothes and bags. We also sew T-shirts, which you can later use for your prints. We create your brand comprehensively.

    We can help you with any of your projects. Whether you need promotional clothing, printed T-shirts or maybe you're creating your own clothing brand, you can rely on us! With many years of experience, we have built up a wealth of knowledge about screen printing, so you can entrust us with your project with confidence. No matter what kind of t-shirt printing you want to do, we're always here to help. You can ask us about anything and we will always dispel your doubts!
    We always put our customers' needs and expectations first, which is why we are constantly improving our methods and ways of working to achieve better and better results. Our printed t-shirts are already worn by thousands of people. At Printing Season we know what good quality means!

    At Printing-Season, we implement projects based on excellent cooperation with the customer. We place great emphasis on communication. We produce graphic designs according to the guidelines, we also propose various solutions ourselves and produce prints on the basis of the design sent by the customer. If you would like us to prepare a design for you, you will receive a message with the design for your approval. If you want to test our capabilities, you can order samples with your own project. This way you will know how durable, high quality and resistant to washing our prints are. We are confident that the samples will meet even the toughest requirements. See for yourself!

    You can contact us using the forms available on the website or by phone - more information can be found in the "contact" page. We encourage you to contact us - our works are very much appreciated by our customers. It is thanks to them that we enjoy a good reputation. Many of our customers decide to use our services again.

    The basis for getting the best quality printed garments is proper file preparation. So remember a few things: The design for printing must be saved in the target size.
    ✓ The minimum resolution for prepared graphics is 300 dpi, but we recommend to go higher.
    ✓ The graphic must be saved without a background, preferably in .png or .psd format.
    ✓ If you are sending us vector graphics, the file should be sent in curves, in .ai or .pdf format.
    ✓ Ensure that the colours are saved in the RGB palette.

    Of course, you can order free samples from us. Read more here:

    If you don't know which printing technique will work best for your order, just write to us. We will easily choose the best method taking into account every detail of your project.

    When making your final decision, you need to take into account, among other things:
    ✓ Number of pieces you wish to order.
    ✓ Number of colours in your project.
    ✓ The type of fabric and garment you want to print on.
    ✓ The number and size of small elements and details in your design.

    In fact, it strongly depends on the technique we use for printing. The price of the t-shirt itself, regardless of the method, is fixed. The final price of ready-made printed garments is influenced not only by the method of printing itself, but also by other factors - the size of the print, its positioning, but also the quantity of the garment ordered. Each order is priced individually, therefore, if you wish to find out the exact price of your project, we invite you to contact us.

    The biggest factor that affects the final durability of a print is the method that was used to produce it. Each printing technique has a slightly different durability. The quality and type of materials used, as well as the method of fixation, also have an impact on whether your print will last a long time. By entrusting us with your project you can rest assured that we will take care of every stage of the preparation of your products. We use only the most modern, professional machines, for which we use paints from leading manufacturers. The combination of these two elements together with our skills is a guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result.

    The standard lead time is 7 working days.
    It is possible to make a quicker appointment by prior arrangement.

    We offer many garments from different manufacturers and each manufacturer has their own size chart. You will need to check the size chart of the specific manufacturer before deciding on the garment you want to order. We will provide you with the charts so that you can easily match the garment to your requirements.

    Placing an order with us is very easy. All you need is your design that you want to put on the garment of your choice. Don't have a design? No problem - we'll help you create exactly the graphics you need. Once you have a design you can decide on the type, colour and quantity of garment to be printed. Once we receive this information from you, we'll prepare a visualisation of the finished t-shirts or bags and provide you with an accurate quote and delivery date. Then, all we need is a green light from you and we can start working!

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