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Computer embroidery on clothing in Warsaw

Computer embroidery

Computer embroidery in Warsaw is the most exclusive and durable marking method of labeling promotional clothing. The thread can be used to embroider any small-scale design, for example, your company inscription or logo. In our embroidery shop we make embroidery on T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, as well as on bags and other textiles. A great advantage of embroidery on clothes is its exceptional durability - it will withstand many washings in high temperatures without losing its appearance even a little bit. This elegant method is perfect for personalisation of clothes and accessories. We can embroider different names or graphics in one order and this does not affect the final price. Advertising embroidery is also a great way to promote your company - you can tastefully label your corporate clothing.

Embroidery on sweatshirts, T-shirts and fleece

Our embroidery shop offers a wide choice of thread types and colours, so that we can achieve an original and unique effect, for example by using shiny metallic threads. We can also do computer embroidery with a 3D effect, and use different stitches to suit your particular order. The threads we use for computer embroidery in Warsaw are extremely durable and the colours are resistant to washing. Embroidery on clothing is suitable for small projects as the price depends on the area to be embroidered. Elegant computer embroidery is the perfect way to label corporate clothing and personalise everyday wear.

Japanese precision in computer embroidery

At Printing Season we use advanced embroidery machines from a Japanese manufacturer Tajima. Such equipment allows us to offer embroidery at the highest level and each project is made with utmost care for every detail. There is no room for any mistakes or shortcomings in the form of protruding threads or crooked embroidery. One of the things you absolutely must pay attention to when deciding on embroidery is the huge technological leap this method has undergone. Computer embroidery has taken this ancient art to new heights, and with progress, not only has the guaranteed amount changed, but above all the quality and possibilities. Professional machines for computer embroidery in Warsaw, such as these that we use in our workshop, are extremely precise, much more repeatable and has greater abilities. The high quality equipment we use is a warranty that the products you order will look as good as possible.


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Computer embroidery in Warsaw on every garment

If you need computer embroidery on finished products, you couldn't have come at a better time. Our embroidery machines work great on any garment - the most common choice for our customers is of course T-shirts (standard T-shirts and polo shirts), but the possibilities are much wider. Embroidery is an extremely durable method which is followed by high quality. Garments marked this way will ensure a professional image of your company. Computer embroidery is great for other places too. Just think of hats, bags and even bedding with your company logo on them - it will definitely distinguish your brand. No matter what you choose, your embroidery will look amazing on any type of clothing!

Embroidery not only on clothing

Computer embroidery Warsaw is a great method not only for labelling clothing - it will also work perfectly on patterns. And if you want to get even more exclusive, we offer you embroidery on towels, bedclothes, blankets or tablecloths - such personalized decoration gives an extraordinary chic and elegance. The unique textiles will perfectly add variety to the interior of your home, but they are also perfect as hotel or guest house equipment.

Embroidered patches and emblems

Computer embroidery in Warsaw is also a great marketing tool in the form of patches and emblems. Thanks to the high quality of embroidery, your patches will stand out in the crowd and attract customer attention - which is what it's all about. They will be perfect for various types of trade fairs promoting your business. In times of high competition, brand awareness cannot be underestimated, and it is often the details that build it. One of them may turn out to be corporate clothing. There is no doubt that embroidering graphics or a company logo on clothes or other products will create a positive and professional image that most companies care about. Computer embroidery in Warsaw is also a great way to make your customers remember you and your company even better, which is sure to pay off in the future. Personalised badges and emblems are also a great idea for a corporate gift for your employees, for example on the occasion of holidays or an important company event.

How to prepare a file for computer embroidery?

Nothing simpler - send us the design in any format and we'll take care of the rest. A well designed, professionally embroidered logo will make your company stand out from the crowd. That is why it is so important to prepare the design for computer embroidery. However, you don't have to worry about it anymore - we will take care of everything. Thanks to a special software which we use while working with the embroidery machine, we can easily change your design into a file ready to embroider it on your product. So, you don't have to worry about the special preparation of the file - after sending it to us, all you have to do is wait for the final effect, which will surely delight you!

The most important features of the computer embroidery technique on T-shirt and sweatshirt:

Outstanding durability

Computer embroidery is one of the most durable methods of labelling clothing. It is resistant to high temperatures during washing or ironing. You don't have to worry about a piece of embroidery falling off or deforming during use.

Elegant method

Embroidery on clothing is an extremely exclusive technique. Each garment with an embroidered pattern looks very elegant - the precision and refine of the smallest detail is noticeable. It looks great especially on polo shirts or caps, which are often used for advertising embroidery and company promotion.

Saturated and vivid colours

Even after many years, computer embroidery does not lose its appearance. The threads keep their structure and colour for a long time and you can still enjoy their vivid and saturated shades. They will not wash off when laundered or ironed, nor will they fade when exposed to sunlight.

Frequently asked questions

For computer embroidery Warsaw, it is best to have small designs - you have to remember that the larger the area to be embroidered, the higher the final price will be. As for the design itself, it is best if it does not have any tonal transitions or gradients, as this method of labelling clothes cannot provide such an effect. The best reproduction of the original design can be achieved with vector graphics. Remember that you can send us a file in any format and we will take care of the rest. We will prepare your design from scratch as a control program for the machine and then the embroidery can start without any problems.

Of course - one could even say that the embroidery machine is the heart of every embroidery shop. There can be no computer embroidery without it. In case of embroidery the quality of the embroidery machine itself is also of great importance. The machine has to be extremely precise in order to achieve a perfect result of your project. For this reason, in our studio we use some of the best embroidery machines in the world. Each embroidery is made on two specialised machines from Japanese company Tajima, which is a leading manufacturer of embroidery machines. Your project is sure to be in good hands!

The method of computer embroidery in Warsaw gives you the opportunity to embroider your design in almost any colour. It all depends on the right choice of thread colour, which you need to make before we start working on your project. We have a wide range of colours available, so you can easily match the right shades. We have many colours of thread from the leading manufacturer in this industry, Madeira. The advantage of this thread is not only the wide range of colours, but also the extreme durability - your embroidery will impress with its quality and colours for many years.


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