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Printed T-shirts are our speciality!

We create printed T-shirts

Printed T-shirt, packaged We sew and deliver T-shirts, and print on them anything that passes through our screen. We approach each project individually, taking care of every detail. We select suitable inks, realise unusual effects and make sure that the graphic on the T-shirt is 100% accurate. We do our best to ensure our screen printing matches the quality of DTG digital printing and create something more than just clothes. We have experience with making corporate, event, music and advertising t-shirts, but we don't avoid other projects either. Do you need a large quantity of printed t-shirts or sweatshirts? Then contact us!

Self-printed t-shirt from the design to the print

At Printing Season we provide full services for the preparation of T-shirts, sweatshirts or printed bags. Have you chosen the graphic you want to print on your advertising T-shirt? Great - we will transfer the ready design to the material, taking care of accurate reproduction of colours, details and high quality of the print on the T-shirt. Just looking for a unique project? We would be happy to prepare it for you! Not only do we offer services related to the printing process itself, but we also design patterns for our customers. Contact us with your vision and we will make sure that the t-shirts you receive are truly unique and meet all your expectations. We'll create graphics that are not only attractive and look great on a shirt, but will also best serve your business purposes - whether that's encouraging fans to buy a t-shirt, increasing brand awareness or promoting a product, service or event. We know very well that a company or promotional t-shirt doesn't have to (and shouldn't!) be boring. We will do our best to make your event shirts eye-catching, company t-shirts interesting and willingly worn by employees and advertising clothing surprising with its original design. Interesting graphics can turn an ordinary, but never out of fashion T-shirt , into a truly unique garment. Or do you need a pre-made T-shirt, available 'off-the-shelf'? We have a range of these from different manufacturers, just waiting to be embroidered with your favourite applications. We'll be happy to help you choose the best fit for your project! Using a ready-made design will speed up your order, and you can be sure to find the right type of shirt in our assortment. We have T-shirts from brands like Slazenger, B&C Collection, Stedman, Cotton Mania, Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Hanes and JHK T-Shirt, among others. When you order from Printing Season, you get the convenience of one-stop shopping. You can do everything in one place, which makes the whole purchasing process faster and easier. You only have to arrange all the details once and pick up your finished order only once as well. If you entrust us with your project, you can be sure that it is in good hands.

Catalogue of clothing

Check out the available printed garments in our catalogue.
Catalogue of clothing

Self-printed t-shirts - is it a good idea?

The figure on the wolf T-shirts with interesting prints are often treated not only as comfortable, fashionable and pretty clothes, but also as a form of self-expression or showing one's views or interests. They can entertain, arouse interest, attract attention, distinguish a person as belonging to a particular group of fans, be a souvenir or a perfect gift. They have not gone out of fashion for years and are willingly worn in everyday outfits - to school, university, meeting friends, going to the shop or simply at home. T-shirts, for example, referring to popular TV series and books or with funny quotes are very popular. Self-printed T-shirts are also popular with private individuals, especially when they want to demonstrate something, advertise something or give someone a present. However, such clothing is not only a proposal for the individual customer, but also an excellent way to promote companies! Nowadays, people often don't believe advertising or even remain blind to it. An intriguing T-shirt, however, has a good chance of catching the eye of passers-by.
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Printed promotional t-shirts are a great form of advertising, but also a great souvenir for those who wear them. Promotional gadgets have long been considered one of the best ways to promote a brand - and a t-shirt with the right print is a great choice in this category. As a result, printing houses are increasingly receiving orders from business customers wanting to create absolutely unique corporate or promotional t-shirts. These can promote a company, team, event or initiative in a non-intrusive way. In the company they will serve perfectly well as a gift for employees or customers, and worn will also be a way to advertise the brand, attract attention and build positive associations. As long as the graphics are interesting and of good quality, they can be appealing, making each owner of such a printed t-shirt become... a living advertisement! For this reason, advertising, event and music t-shirts are becoming increasingly popular. Self-printed t-shirts are frequently ordered by companies, but they can also be a great gadget for other occasions. Their sale goes along with, for example, such events as concerts or conventions - during them they serve as gadgets and souvenirs for fans. They promote the event and at the same time the organiser benefits from them. They can be successfully used even if ordered by a publishing house to promote a book or by a cartoonist - decorated with a pattern of his illustrations, will surely appeal to fans of his work. Again: on the one hand, such T-shirts become a tool of promotion, on the other hand, they may bring profit on their own. They are also great for various types of rallies, distinguishing their participants from afar, and additionally, even years later, they are a perfect souvenir.

The cheapest t-shirts - the more, the cheaper

When applying the print we use the screen printing method. Screen printing has the advantage that, in addition to high quality and durability of the print, it also provides a low price for larger orders. This is due to the fact that screens need to be prepared for the graphic. Screen printing becomes profitable starting from orders of twenty copies. The more you order - the lower the cost of a single t-shirt. For example, do you need a large number of promotional T-shirts and the price is particularly important? Then choosing Printing Season and screen printing is a great way to save money. Screen printing, on the other hand, is not the best technique for customers who only need a single printed T-shirt: then the cost per piece is relatively high.

The final price of an order is also influenced by the number of colours used in the graphics (each colour requires a separate matrix), the cost of the garment itself and the scope of work done. If you want to use our services and you care about the valuation, we invite you to contact us - the price list is set individually.

Stack of T-shirts ready for printing

Unique printed t-shirts from Printing Season

We approach each project individually and take care of all the details at each stage of production. By placing an order with us, you are guaranteed to receive clothing and high quality prints, tailored to your needs.

Our screen printing carousel can handle any project! Even the more unusual ones. Our printing technique allows us to apply various types of appliqué: convex, in neon colours or with gold or silver glitter. If you want the print to be soft and undetectable, we can also achieve this effect - thanks to the use of special discharge inks (which "pull" the colour out of the T-shirt, so that the resulting pattern does not differ in texture from the rest of the material). The print can be successfully placed on T-shirts of any colour - dark, light, coloured - and made of suitable materials. We choose appropriate inks and screen density depending on the print and material type, having in mind the best possible effect. We like a challenge and we try our best to create something more than just an ordinary garment.

The prints prepared by us are characterised not only by high quality, detail and fidelity to the original graphics. They are also very durable - washing and sunlight will not harm the print! Our printed T-shirts are machine-washable and there is no need to worry about fading or rubbing off quickly. With large orders, they combine the advantages of precision printing, durability and low prices.

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Do you want to create a unique souvenir for your fans or participants of an event? Do you need original, company T-shirts at an attractive price? Do you want to order a large quantity of promotional t-shirts? Contact us!


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