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Bags printed in Warsaw - a useful advertising gadget

Screen printing on the bag - long life and attractive price.

At Printing Season we make prints on fabrics - T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats but also bags. We mainly use the screen printing method, thanks to which the overprint is faithful to the graphics, detailed and very durable. It lets apply simple drawings, logos and inscriptions, as well as complex, multicoloured graphics that immediately draw the eye. The possibility of using various inks means that the prints can be applied to black, white, beige and coloured bags, whether they are made of cotton, polyester or even paper. Depending on the surface chosen and the inks used, we can achieve a variety of effects - starting from very vivid colour prints, through raised applications to a soft lace print that is imperceptible to the touch.

Another advantage of screen printing is its resistance. The canvas bag printed by us can be successfully washed without worrying that the print will start to fade quickly. The print does not lose its colour under UV radiation nor should it be damaged by every-day use.

Therefore, it is worth placing an order for advertising bags made with screen printing method when you are in need of many high-quality bags and the low price of the final product is crucial.

Ordering a custom printed bag in Warsaw - where to start?

Our printing techniques are cost-effective for both larger orders and orders of a single printed bag. However, the larger the order, the cheaper the single print will be. This is due to the fact that in order to produce the graphics it is necessary to prepare screens, which generates a large initial cost. As the number of ordered pieces increases, the unit cost becomes lower and lower.

Do you want to place an order? First, you will need to choose the right paint to get the best possible result. Keep in mind that some cannot be used on light or dark fabrics. If you'd like to see how prints made with specific inks look like, please visit our portfolio or samples section. In the portfolio you can see our current projects. In the samples category, you can order a set of sample prints to compare different options and see which solutions suit you best.

Catalogue of clothing

Check out the available printed garments in our catalogue.
Catalogue of clothing

Printed eco bags - convenient and environmentally friendly

A reusable bag is a real must have these days! Canvas bags are ideal for carrying shopping, and you can easily pack things in them for a short trip or when going out with friends. They surpass plastic bags in almost every aspect - they are an ecological solution, they won't tear when you put heavier things in them, others can't see what you're carrying, and you don't have to pay extra for the bag in the shop. Its handles make it easy to transport your shopping, and the risk of the bag breaking is much lower than with plastic or paper bags. Additionally, unlike the usually ugly plastic bags, canvas bags can be a kind of complement to your styling. A printed bag can be pretty, eye-catching and even highlight the interests of the person carrying it. Logo of your favourite band? A quote from a TV series or a respected thinker? A printed advertising bag from a favourite bookshop? For the owner of such a gadget it is sometimes a way to show to the world what is it that matters to him or her... and for the creator of the graphic - a great ad!

All these reasons make customers more and more eager to carry printed cloth bags with them. Thus - it is worth ensuring that the company has its own design. Printed bags can serve promotional purposes, consolidate and expand brand awareness, and in addition, build customer relations and a positive corporate image.

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Why invest in printed carrier bags?

Printed bags are not only one of the most useful promotional gadgets for customers, but also one of the most visible. Pens or notebooks are usually kept in drawers or handbags, mugs in kitchen cupboards, lanyards are rarely used. A bag, on the other hand, will be worn "out in the open" at least from time to time - so that passers-by can see the logo on it. They also have a certain advantage over another popular advertising gadget - T-shirts. There is no need to prepare different sizes or different pieces for men and women.

Are bags a good form of advertising? Of course! In the era of strong competition on the market, increased consumer awareness and a huge number of advertisements that bombard clients - it is necessary to look for new ways of reaching the recipients. Customers or partners are much more likely to accept such a bag than another leaflet - a bag with a print is something that comes in handy every day. An interesting print of a bag carried by someone is more likely to attract attention than another advertisement in a magazine or on a billboard. Advertising gadgets - and therefore also bags - are a form of non-invasive native advertising, which clients are more likely to accept in comparison to traditional advertisements.

In turn, offering customers convenient, elegant bags to pack their products in-store improves consumer experience and can also be used to build the reputation: creating the image of a customer-friendly brand that is looking for ecological solutions.

Are you searching for an alternative to traditional advertising to promote your business or product? A printed bag is an excellent idea! The right print and the right strategy for using bags will definitely help you achieve your business goals.

Buying printed bags at Printing-Season in Warsaw means:

  • guarantee of high quality and durability of the print,
  • cooperation with specialists with extensive experience, who will take care of your project together and advise you on the best solutions,
  • the possibility of using comprehensive services - from the preparation of the graphic design through the sewing of bags to the application of prints on materials - which facilitates and speeds up the entire process of creating printed bags,
  • a chance to test the quality of prints before placing an order - thanks to the option of sending a set of samples,
  • very attractive price for large orders,
  • various types of prints can be produced, including multi-coloured, detailed, with small details or special effects (e.g. convex),
  • the possibility to customise the design by choosing the right materials, bag colours and inks to achieve a diversified effect.

We invite you to contact us. Pricing is estimated individually, taking into account the specifics of a particular order, the scope of services and the number of prints to be made.


Do you have any questions? Contact us and request a quote.
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