Screen Printing

Screen printing is a technique that dates back thousands of years. It was our grandmothers who revived the traditional stencil printing, and since they are the greatest authorities in quality assessment for us, expect a quadruple WOW effect!

We are a screen print studio

We specialize in screen print. Each project is customized. We are detail-oriented and take care to get every detail just right.

We will carry out each and every project

Whether vector graphics or full colour, we will ensure high quality and durability of the print. Connected with the cutting-edge paint systems, we are able to render filigrees that are soft to touch.

We will help you sew the clothing

Our offer includes ready made advertising clothing to be used for print commissioned by popular brands. We sew the clothing of your own design.

Our recent works:

We sew garments!

Our target is high quality, unique style, and good design! We believe that a regular T-shirt and a personalized print expresses all the more, and that’s why we employ all our passion to create your brand. What we need is the fabric, stencil, expertise in most interesting trends and a dash of imagination!

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