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DTG digital printing Warsaw

Direct digital DTG printing on clothing

DTG direct printing is a method of labelling clothes that has gained huge popularity around the world. It involves spraying ink onto a garment using special printers - the ink soaks into the fibres creating the desired print. It is a bit like printing on paper, only here instead of a sheet of paper we use, for example, printed T-shirts or bags. Digital printing is widely used for many projects as it has a very high durability. The DTG digital printing method offers a wide choice of colours and perfectly captures their depth and intensity. Full colour printing can be done without any problems, as well as designs with a lot of detail such as photographs.

Top quality DTG digital printing on T-shirts

An order of customised shirts becomes much simpler in this case, because DTG direct printing is profitable starting from just 1 piece. This method does not require any costly preparations - the digital printing is done without any limitations. The number of colours used in the design does not affect the price. This gives you great flexibility, for example, if you are introducing a new design and want to test it out on a custom printed t-shirt. DTG digital printing gives you the confidence that your design will be printed with all the details and in the right colours. Another advantage is the short waiting time - we print your design on the garment almost immediately after receiving the print file, without any additional preparations. In our studio we use modern equipment from a leading manufacturer Epson printing machines. This makes us certain that we will carry out your project in accordance with your needs.

DTG printing Warsaw

DTG printed T-shirt from 1 piece!

DTG printing is a huge innovation in the world of garment printing. Unlike screen printing method, where orders pay off only with a bigger quantity of imprints, with DTG it makes sense to order as little as 1 (one!) piece! How is this possible?

In digital printing there is no need for special screen preparation or separate settings for each project. It is enough to upload ready graphics or photos to the printer software and wait a while for the final effect. Ready printed shirt or company bag is made in just a few moments. This is great if you only need to order a few pieces, or just one! This way you don't have to take risks with introducing new designs in your shop - if something doesn't appeal to your customers, you certainly won't be left with a hundred unsold t-shirts in stock. A perfect solution for start-up businesses!


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Excellent colour reproduction and high resolution

Digital printing (DTG) is one of the most modern methods of printing clothing. A full colour palette, colour depth and high detail reproduction with almost photographic accuracy are the characteristics of this technique. Every imprint on t-shirt looks 100% like the original on the computer, and the final effect impresses with its sharpness and accurate reproduction of every detail. T-shirts printed with this method are great for example as a gift for a loved one - you can give someone such garment printed with a photograph that has a special meaning. It is also a great solution in the case of festival or concert apparel, prepared especially for an event. Fans of music bands will love to buy a printed T-shirt or sweatshirt with their favourite group. So if you have a multi-coloured graphic or photo you want to put on your clothes, there's no better method than DTG!

DTG printing is not just for T-shirts!

At Printing Season we offer the possibility of printing even cotton bags. You can let your imagination run wild and you don't have to limit your designs to simple graphics with few colours. Print everything not only on t-shirts or cotton bags, but also on sweatshirts and caps. This is a great news for those who don't need a large amount of printed clothing in their shop or for an upcoming company event. This way, you can order only the quantity you actually need for a one-time occasion - even if it's going to be just a few pieces. And because digital printing pays off from just one piece, you don't have to worry about exceeding your budget for the event. Even the most complicated graphics or stunning photography is suitable for DTG printing. Let your designs catch everyone's eye!

A small amount? No problem! A large amount? No problem!

In our workshop we use up to three high-performance Epson F2000 printers. With these machines, we can complete large orders in no time, all while maintaining extremely high digital quality. With DTG printing, every order is profitable - small and large alike! Even if you order just one item from us, you don't have to worry about higher costs. Unlike screen printing, where printing only pays off for a larger quantity at a time because you have to spend a lot of time and effort preparing the equipment for printing, with DTG we completely skip the complicated and time-consuming preparatory stage. All we need is your digital design and in just a few moments your printed t-shirt is ready. Digital printing will therefore be the ideal solution for small companies that are just starting out, as well as for large companies that are looking for a way to print complex designs. DTG printing works for everyone!

How to prepare a file for DTG printing?

This method really has many advantages, one of which is that preparing the file for printing is trivial! All you have to do is send us a PNG or TIFF file without a background with a saved colour profile. You don't have to simplify your graphics or limit yourself with details or colours - there are no limitations in digital printing. Multi-colour graphics with gradients and lots of detail or high quality photographs - DTG digital printing can handle every idea. In fact, there are no limits and everything depends on your creativity. You can be sure that any graphic or photo on your T-shirt will look exactly as you want it to. After we receive your design, we take care of the rest and you don't have to worry about a thing. All you have to do is wait for the final result. However, if you have any questions or doubts related to the preparation of a file for printing, write to us - we will help you!

Key features of DTG digital printing in Warsaw:

Imprint from 1 piece

DTG direct printing is great for both small and large orders. It pays to order even 1 piece of digitally printed garment because you won't incur any prepress costs.

Full colour print

Digital printing allows any colour to be printed, and the amount of colour in the design does not affect the final price. With this method, photographs and other designs with a lot of detail will look great, and the effect is extremely durable.

Short lead time

DTG direct printing gives you the opportunity to complete your order fast and efficient, so you'll be waiting a really short time for your custom printed T-shirts. For digital printing, all we need is your design, which we can quickly and easily print onto your garment.


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