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Promotional clothing Warsaw - the perfect promotional tool!

Promotional clothing for companies

Are you looking for interesting forms of promotion to boost the visibility of your company, product or event? Do you need attractive gifts for your customers that will spark their interest? Or maybe you want to sell gadgets to fans or to event participants? If the answer to any of these questions is yes - promotional clothing from our printing house will be an excellent choice!

Recipients very often ignore traditional ads on billboards and posters, on television or on websites. Handed out flyers go into the rubbish, notebooks and pens with logos are easily lost. Many ways of advertising your business are simply ineffective. Promotional clothes in Warsaw , on the other hand, will be willingly accepted by employees or clients, building a positive image of the company and preserving the memory of the brand or advertising its products. In turn, when customers start wearing them - it will become an additional advertisement. The company's logo or name will "go out on the streets", in the form of a print on the T-shirt, cap or bag, which will make more people recognise it. This is an excellent option for both large companies and start-ups just entering the market.

Promotional clothing in Warsaw - for an event, convention, concert?

Promotional clothes in Warsaw with the right imprint can serve not only as company gadgets. It is also a real treat for participants of mass events and fans - of a music band, film, cartoonist, book... They serve a double purpose: in one way, when worn, they will be an excellent advertisement, the other way, they are a form of earning money. In addition, they build a sense of belonging to a certain social group. When purchased wholesale, the cost of a single piece is not very expensive, so you can later make a profit by offering it to fans at a slightly higher price. Such promotional clothes in Warsaw are a real treat for fans and are eagerly purchased - as a souvenir, a gift or as a manifestation of beliefs or interests.

Which promotional clothing should I choose?

Sometimes you see promotional clothing simply with a brand logo, without any additional graphics. Is this a bad idea? Of course not! However, if you want your customers to really like the clothes you've prepared for them, and if you want them to look good wearing them, it's worth making sure that the print is interesting and eye-catching. This can be achieved in a number of ways. By placing a memorable quote on the garment, a visually attractive drawing, or by using more eye-catching applications - colourful, convex, with shimmering gold or silver. The more interesting the print on the promotional clothing in Warsaw, the greater the chances that the owner of the product will wear it and that others will notice the graphic.

T-shirts are the most common promotional clothing Classic polo shirts or t-shirts are very popular, they are universal, suitable for various occasions, never go out of fashion and it is easy to order them in large quantities for an attractive price. However, you can also opt for sweatshirts, T-shirts, polo shirts, caps or jackets with your company logo or another design of your choice.

Promotional clothes in Warsaw is the trademark of a brand. Therefore, it is important to take care of its quality. Cheap, thin T-shirts, with a carelessly made overprint that washes off after the first wash, will not fulfil their role. The owners of such clothes will quickly throw them at the bottom of the wardrobe or in the bin, and the quick damage to the print may cause irritation and discourage the customer or fan from the brand. With high quality, your customers and consumers will proudly wear your promotional clothing for a long time.

Catalogue of clothing

Check out the available printed garments in our catalogue.
Catalogue of clothing

Promotional clothing at Printing-Season

Do you need a large quantity of promotional clothing in Warsaw or the surrounding area? Printed t-shirts, sweatshirts with a photo, bags or caps with your company logo? Then get in touch with us. Not only do we have a great deal of experience in this field, but we also provide a comprehensive service and print on promotional garments using screen printing method - guaranteeing excellent results and low prices.

You can order from us not only the placement of the print itself, but also the design of the graphics on your promotional clothing from scratch. In addition, we sew clothes and have a large collection of garments available immediately - the use of pre-made patterns speeds up the realisation of your order. This enables you to carry out the entire process of preparing your promotional clothing in one place - from graphic design to printing. Our team will be happy to professionally carry out your order.

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At Printing Season we use the screen printing method, which is great for large orders. It allows us to precisely reproduce the details and colours of the graphics and to use unusual effects. Depending on the inks used, we can print your garment on light, dark, coloured, cotton or other materials. Thanks to this, a logo or any other design of your choice will be reproduced extremely accurate.

In the case of screen printing, 'the more the cheaper' principle also applies. Advertising clothing is usually ordered in large quantities which reduces the cost of a single item. In addition, the prints we apply are very durable. Washing, sun, frequent wearing? The print will not rub off or lose its colour quickly, as often happens with poor quality prints. We invite you to explore our wide offer of promotional clothing.

If you want to learn more about this field - please visit the subcategory "Screen printing".

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