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7 tips to help you create your own printed t-shirt brand

Published 25 November 2019

Thinking about developing a custom printed t-shirt brand? Whether you want to turn your designs into your own brand, or you have your own ideas and want to outsource the design to someone - this article will show you what you need to think about before you get started.

Learn 7 tips to start selling custom printed clothing much easier!

Define the nature of your brand

One of the most important things you need to consider at the very beginning is a definition of your brand's personality. An interesting brand is much more likely to stand out in the printed t-shirt industry. Think about what will make you unique among your competitors and what will encourage customers to choose your products. Will it be original and controversial prints? Shirts with the theme of a single TV series? Or do you want to create an artistic brand, with each t-shirt being a small work of art?

The things that distinguish you will also have an impact on how clients perceive your brand. Think about whether you want to portray yourself as a premium, modern, serious or perhaps outgoing brand. Your corporate image needs to be consistent with what you present on your custom printed clothing.

Define your audience

Before you get down to designing, define your target audience carefully. To do this, describe exactly the person you want to attract. Think about who they are, what they like and what their interests are - maybe you want to create printed t-shirts only for a narrow audience, e.g. linked to a TV series?

It will also be easier to do marketing, by creating for a specific group of people. You can use social media for this - promote yourself where your audience spends time the most. Facebook groups, influencers on Instagram, various online communities - everywhere you can find people who are willing to wear your printed clothing.

Take some time to get to know your concept

Think about what designs you want to put on your T-shirts and think long term - after all, you don't want to suddenly find out after a few pieces that you have no more ideas. Your next design should represent your brand well, while still being fresh and different from what's gone before. You can put classic patterns on t-shirts, or intricate designs - but it's important to stay consistent with how you want your brand to be perceived. Take inspiration from the latest trends, but don't copy them.

Listen to honest opinions

Of course, your own ideas look best in your head, but it's worth showing your project to someone who will look at it with fresh eyes. But don't limit yourself to just your friends. They may sometimes be less than objective and overly applaud your idea to avoid upsetting you. Seek feedback from a wide range of people who can constructively and honestly assess your project and brand image as a whole. The more honest responses you can gather about your ideas, the better you will be able to determine the direction you want to take.

Make yourself known

A good idea isn't enough - you need to market it properly. Even the most beautiful printed t-shirts won't sell if no one knows about them. As a start-up, you definitely need to pay attention to your budget and think carefully about where to invest your money. Take care of your online presence - social media is the perfect place for low-budget marketing to start. Take care of the visuals, because online it is the image that attracts the most attention. You can hire models and photographers to capture the essence of your brand in pictures, and the customer will be able to identify with your brand after seeing your printed t-shirts. Running an Instagram with eye-catching photos is sure to draw your audience's attention, and an engaged community built around your brand is a simple path to success.

Make a quality product

Quality is essential and first impressions are crucial. Show customers why they should buy printed clothing from you. An original and eye-catching print is important too, but even the most beautiful design can be ruined by poor workmanship. With t-shirts, the quality of the fabric is very important - after all, someone will be wearing your t-shirt all day, so it needs to be comfortable. Work with the best material your budget allows. And, of course, high quality printing is also influential.

Choose a proven printer

You already have a finished and well executed design that you need to transfer onto a T-shirt. Both the quality of the material used and the print itself must be very high - customers pay attention to this. Work with a reliable company. Take the time to match your requirements and budget to the end result. Be aware of all costs, size options, labelling options etc. - All of these factors affect the final product that the customer gets their hands on. Find a company that will take your idea seriously and handle your product with care. At Printing Season, you can rest assured that we will treat your printed t-shirts like our own final product, and your customers are sure to be satisfied.

Remember that success does not usually come overnight. Take the time to think through every issue. So, are you ready to create your brand?

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