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What is computer embroidery?

Published 25 October 2021

Have you ever wondered how a machine can perform the complicated art of embroidery with great precision and accuracy? In this post, we take a closer look at one of the most exclusive methods of marking clothing - and we're speaking of computer embroidery.

What is computer embroidery?

Embroidery is a timeless art form and a wonderful way to add a unique touch to any garment. Today, it is believed that the art of embroidery is no longer just the domain of grandmothers and housewives. It's been a long time since machines "stole" this traditional skill from women, for whom it was once a favourite leisure activity. 

Today, even the most complicated designs can be made by embroidery machines. In the past, the word "embroiderer" referred to a woman who embroidered. Now it has a slightly different meaning - in every printing house which offers computer embroidery, it is the machine for making embroidery that is called an embroiderer.

Computer embroidery, also known as machine embroidery, involves the machine stitching a design onto fabric. The pattern is predetermined by uploading a design to the machinery's software. Embroiderers are specifically designed to translate a certain drawing or design made on a computer, into beautiful decorative stitches sewn onto a garment.

Why is computer embroidery such a valuable method of labelling clothes?

First of all, because every embroidery is a true work of art. In the past, it was reserved for the few – you either had to learn this difficult skill and devote a lot of time and patience to embroider a complicated pattern, or you had to have it done by someone else for quite a lot of money. Nowadays, anyone can have an original design engraved on a T-shirt or a sweatshirt. And if you run a clothes shop, garment decorated with this method will definitely attract the attention of your customers and will stand out from other similar prints.

What are the advantages of this method?

  • Precision - Machine-made designs are usually very precise because all the parameters are well-defined beforehand, even before the embroidery machine starts translating the designs from the computer to the stitches on the fabric. All you need to do to get a high quality final embroidery is a lot of supervision over the whole process – you need to make sure that the design is being stitched according to the uploaded file. In our studio, we use industrial embroiderers from the Japanese company Tajima, so the embroidery is really carefully made.
  • Speed - Hand-made embroidery is, of course, expensive. It requires a lot of skill and a lot of time, and this all adds up to a high price. Machine embroidery is faster and more efficient. Designs can be converted to digital formats, and these in turn can already be embroidered onto the material. This saves a lot of time and makes it the ideal method for large-scale production. An automated embroidery machine can complete a design in a matter of minutes, which would take much longer with manual work.
  • Flexibility - not only when it comes to choosing the design, but also when it comes to choosing the garments on which the design will be embroidered. You can choose from ready-made products such as sweatshirts, fleeces or printed T-shirts, but we also offer to make embroidered patches and emblems.

An additional benefit for you may also be that you do not have to prepare the file for embroidery. This is a big advantage compared to other methods, such as silkscreen printing or DTG printing, where you need to pay a lot of attention. In case of computer embroidery, it is very simple – you send us an embroidery project in any format and we will take care of the rest. We have special software for preparing the file for the embroidery machine, thanks to which the whole process is quick and efficient.

An exclusive method now available to everyone

The art of embroidery has always been a great way to create fantastic works of art. Thanks to modern technology, you can have such a small work of art on your T-shirts or sweatshirts – your customers will definitely appreciate this unusual effect.

Computer embroidery will be a good choice for any clothing shop. Perfectly refined details and vivid colours are the main advantages of embroidered designs. An additional advantage is also their incredible durability, as there is no question of colour fading or crumbling of the print. It is also perfect for labelling corporate clothing, such as shirts or caps intended for a promotional event. The embroidered design will certainly survive many years untouched and will continue to impress with its elegant appearance.

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