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Published 22 September 2020

If you are wondering, how a print design is created on a printed T-shirts, this article will give you the answer. Just as you will find the answer to the question of which company undertakes it near Warsaw. Let us start with the fact that prints can relate to almost every subject, and a designer has to respond to the specific needs of the client, whether it is a single individual or a company. Interested? Read on!

Can any graphic be transferred to a T-shirt?

Yes, in theory it is possible to do overprinting of any graphics, whether it's a photograph, a logo, an image or a simple lettering. Basically, a high-resolution image file is sufficient for high-quality content on a T-shirt.

Usually, however, vector graphics work best. They can be freely enlarged and reduced in size without the risk of becoming blurred, unlike standard raster graphics. That is why in many cases the creation of prints for customers from Warsaw or any other corner of the country starts with converting a given image into a "vector" so that they can enjoy the aesthetic effect.

The question posed in the headline can also refer to the issue of copyright. It is therefore worth taking a close look at what is allowed when ordering printed garments for personal or commercial use.

Is it worth commissioning a professional to design your print?

There can only be one answer to this question: yes, of course! If you're not a professional graphic designer, you don't have any experience in using specialist software. As a result, you will not be able to prepare a file that meets your expectations for the final result. In short, you need to know, how to design a t-shirt. The professional is not only familiar with computer graphics themselves, but also applies them to the proportions and shape of the T-shirt or other garment.

Implementation by the designer

Find out the 3 reasons why a T-shirt designer should provide a personalised service for you:

  1. You are guaranteed that the finished T-shirt will look professional and meet your visual expectations.
  2. The creation of vector graphics or the operation of specialised graphic software is a task only for an experienced designer.
  3. The additional cost is not a burden when compared with the benefits achieved.

Printing Season - your print designer - Warsaw

The Printing Season brand wants to be known among customers from Warsaw and all over Poland, for prints of the highest quality and finest aesthetics. For this reason alone, in our offer you can find practically any technique of transferring the image on T-shirts, that is:

The portfolio is the best confirmation of why it is worth entrusting us with the creation of prints, and not just their production in a modern machinery park.

Experience in the production of personalised garments is also an unquestionable advantage. Since we know, the creation of each type of an imprint, we are well aware of what to look for already during the work of the designer. We have creative ideas and are not afraid to implement brave visual concepts. Let us design and produce your garments and accessories, even if only for a minimum order, and you will see that many years of experience in the industry bring solid results.

A way to a premium, personalised t-shirt

In order to enjoy high quality overprints, be aware of:

  • what are the characteristics of a particular technique of transferring an image onto clothing,
  • what dimensions has a shirt,
  • what file format to generate so that the machines can do their job accurately and without technical problems,
  • which methods to use to achieve the desired results.

Printing Season is a company that acts with passion and professionalism, which is why we encourage you to make a thoughtful choice about the designer of your personalised clothing and accessories.

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