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Company t-shirts for events

Published 28 September 2020

The sight of people putting on company shirts for events and carry a different kind of personalised promotional gadgets, is neither a new nor surprising phenomenon. The question arises, however, whether each company deciding to promote itself in this way, fully uses the potential of the "clothing carrier"? If you go to a trade fair , for example, you can see for yourself that there is still much room for improvement. Would you like to know more? Have a read!

Promotional T-shirts - what do you need to know?

In principle, access to advertising media is nowadays very wide. Ordering company t-shirts for events takes place just as easily in Warsaw, as in the smallest towns. Because the most common way of doing this is via the Internet. However, it is not an art to send a file with a brand logo, without additional involvement and a broader concept, and hoping for an interesting effect. This is a field for people who deal with marketing activities.

Promotional gadgets, t-shirts for trade fairs - what is worth remembering?

By deciding to participate in trade fair or similar events, the enterprise gets a chance to meet potential customer or contractor. The more stands, the more difficult it is to be distinguished from the competition. That is why, for a company event you invest in elaborate stands, flyers, multimedia displayed on screens or printed T-shirts and promotional gadgets. If it is easy to tell that the employees or hostesses delegated to events represent your brand at first glance, there is a greater chance that they will be noticed, asked for something, interacted with.

Remember, however, that event participants judge the quality of visual identification - not always consciously, but after all, they are able to see the difference between interesting, inspiring, catchy materials and elements, that already from a distance, look "amateurish". Therefore, company shirts should be primarily characterised by:

  • high quality material, which is also of practical importance for those who wear them,
  • professional printing, which is due to the techniques used to apply the graphics to the garment and the source file (for example, vector or raster graphics in high resolution),
  • attractive, eye-catching and at the same time professional design, consisting of cut, colour or graphic layout.

Events where you should have your own company t-shirts

Does it pay to invest in company shirts? Yes - especially when you consider that it is a relatively small expense regardless of the scale of a company's advertising media . They can be used at events such as:

  • trade fair,
  • conferences,
  • festivals,
  • workshops,
  • rallies.

Note, however, that not all events are conducive to casual, non-committal, advertising clothing. Some business or scientific conferences require a formal dress code, which in a way also affects the organisation and styling of the entire stand of the company.

Nevertheless, there are many events where you should attract the eye of attendees. What's more, printed T-shirts and other gadgets (not only clothing) are part of promotional activities inside and outside the company. Employees equipped with clothes consistent with the visual identification of the brand are its ambassadors in everyday life, just as people who receive "freebies" at trade fair or as a gift with a purchase or service.

Printing Season - it is worth entrusting us with making company T-shirts for events

Here are the most important reasons why you should order company t-shirts for events from Printing Season:

  • we use all printing techniques - silkscreen printing, DTG printing, computer embroidery, sublimation, thermo-transfer, films flex and flock,
  • due to the location, the basic area of our activities is Warsaw, but we work with clients from all over Poland,
  • we take care of every detail of the product - colour, material, cut or graphic details,
  • we have extensive experience in the market and an unwavering amount of passion and commitment.

Printed promotional gadgets we offer, such as T-shirts for trade fairs and other events, prove that it is worth investing in traditional promotional tools and using them in direct contact with potential customers.

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