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Machine park in Printing Season

Published 14 September 2020

New opportunities in Printing Season!

There has been a lot going on recently and we can finally share it with you! Our workshop has recently undergone a major metamorphosis. You will certainly feel the positive effects of this after placing an order. We have changed the location and we have been on a big shopping spree... From now on T-shirt printing, and bags will be done fully automatically thanks to our new carousels for screen printing method and a new drying tunnel. You can find out why we rely on automatic machines in THIS post, and today we're showing off our news a little.

Brand new machines

The heart of our company is of course screen printing workshop, where we create all bags, caps or printed T-shirts with prints. For an even better effect of our work we bought two new carousels. Our latest equipment comes from M&R, a proven manufacturer whose equipment has been used by the best printing houses for many years. We chose two models: the first one is Sportsman, which supports 10 colours, and the other one is Diamondback handling 8 colours. These machines give us enormous possibilities that we did not have before.

You will certainly be amazed by tremendous performance of these models - we can print up to 800 garments in one hour! Now you're probably imagining our employees running around the carousel like mad to get everything done in time... but it's quite the opposite. Automatic carousels allow much less human involvement in the entire printing process, as most of it is done by setting up and preparing the equipment.

Everything is adjusted very conveniently on a touch screen. The employee sets all the parameters and the entire printing process takes place automatically. Thanks to this we eliminate the risk of a human error. There is no fear that subsequent prints will differ in detail. Each design will come out exactly the same, so you don't have to worry about repeatability, which is extremely important with many pieces ordered.

Our printers are also definitely relieved physically. They do not have to manually squeeze the ink into each layer, which is extremely exhausting with really many orders. Their main duties are loading and unloading materials, setting the right parameters and making sure everything runs as it should. Thanks to this, the productivity of our company dramatically increased, which means that we are able to serve even our largest customers better and faster.

In addition to replacing the basic equipment, that is the screen printing carousel, we also decided to buy a new dryer. We opted for a gas drying tunnel from Tesoma Compact, which allows us to heat up faster and accurately fix the print on clothing. Thanks to this, the prints keep their colours and at the same time are very durable. They are resistant to any kind of laundering - you certainly don't have to worry about them being washed off after a few uses. The tunnel is also very productive, which makes our work even more effective.

New equipment, new quality

As you can see, our new equipment gives us a many new opportunities. Above all, our productivity has increased so that we can print much more in less time. The resulting prints are always a perfect reproduction of the original design, and each of the hundreds of T-shirts or bags will have exactly the same quality. There is no chance for any mistakes, because every parameter is always properly set and every print is made the same way. You can be sure that your designs will be of the highest quality, and your customers or employees will be able to wear your printed T-shirts or bags for a long time.

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