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Promotional T-shirts - a natural way to promote yourself

Published 9 August 2018

The way to a customer's heart is through a T-shirt - advertising prints on shirts have become a tool for building and strengthening relationships and customer loyalty. Despite progressive digitalisation, they have retained their status quo and have not lost their popularity. Why is it worth investing in this mobile advertising medium? What is their phenomenon?

Representatives of both large and small businesses often wonder what to do, how to communicate the advantages of their brand in a natural, unobtrusive way. They emphasise the naturalness of their products, choose the best calibrated bloggers and buy advertising space in trade magazines. Key word: they buy. Shirts, as an integral part of our daily lives, are worn naturally. To work, to school and to a party, where they are exposed in front of different people, from different industries. How about printing your company logo and slogan on a t-shirt to win a new customer?

Festival t-shirts - two birds with one stone

Some people return from holidays with a variety of beverages, some with fridge magnets, others with T-shirts. The same mechanism is active among festival goers. A good time spent at a festival very often results in the purchase of a festival T-shirt, which will remind the person of their time spent there. The gadget will not let the person forget the event, and will probably also arouse interest among friends, who, for example, encouraged by the pattern, reinforced by the colourful stories of our festival participant - will go as well to the next edition.

Hey, what's the event on your t-shirt? - Sounds familiar? Sure, curiosity is inherent in people who, intrigued by a catchy slogan or design, will most likely ask about its origin. Thus, he will learn from the T-shirt - given out at an event - about your company. You just have to bet on a good quality T-shirt, which also tells your potential customer a lot about your business.

Types of promotional T-shirts

We think T-shirts, we see - screen printing. Why? Because it is by far the most durable method of printing on a surface. However, the imprint itself, is not everything, the cut, weight and brand of the T-shirt are also important.

Of course, you have to pay for quality, but ranking the best t-shirt manufacturers is a myth. Apparently there are no discussions about tastes and the same applies to T-shirts - everyone has their own preferences. So what do we suggest? Check the label of the shirts you wear every day, the ones you feel best in. However, for screen printing method , we recommend T-shirts with a higher, rather than lower, grammage - the chosen material should contain at least 90% cotton and a weight of at least 160g.

Which T-shirts do we print on at Printing-Season?

  • Stedman
  • Fruit of the Loom
  • Sol's
  • JHK
  • Gildan
  • Hanes

T-shirts for music bands

Music T-shirts? Everyone has one, and their popularity is proven by the presence of well-known band logos in international chain stores. Do you have a band and want to complete your merchandise? Send us your design and we will choose the right screen printing technique.

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