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What is screen printing?

Published 10 July 2018

Every one of us had, has or will have a t-shirt printed using the screen printing method, which owes its popularity to, among other things, its durability and versatility. What is more, the popular screen has an exceptionally long tradition, several thousand years old, originating in the Far East. What is silkscreen printing? Why do we specialise in it?

Screen printing is a form of surface printing which consists in squeezing paint with a squeegee through previously exposed matrices, popularly called screens, which are later mounted on a screen printing carousel.

In less technical terms, it is one of the most popular methods of marking promotional clothing, winning the battle for customers with its excellent price-to-quality ratio. An unquestionable advantage is also the possibility of inkjet printing in virtually any colour.

At Printing-Season we screen print most frequently:

  • shirts,
  • bags,
  • blouses,
  • working clothes.

Okay, but can we use this method to refine other surfaces? The answer is yes, of course. In addition to broadly defined garments, screen printing is also used to mark wood, ceramics, steel and glass.

50, 100 or 200 units? - Which print run is profitable?

What is important, worth mentioning and not always rooted in our customers' awareness: screen printing is not reserved only for large print runs. Of course, printing single copies will not encourage you with its price, but all orders of more than 20 pieces elevate this printing method to the unbeatable leader's position.
The well-known rule: "The more, the cheaper" applies to most orders and is no different for screen printing.

Fixed costs of screen printing - what does the price depend on?

Professional implementation requires adequate preparation. What do we mean by this? In simple terms: the first step is to prepare and print the plates, then expose the screen together with the print design. Then each screen must be calibrated on the carousel. The number of screens depends on the range of colours in our design - each colour is printed separately, which sometimes determines the need for several separate plates.

The principle is simple: additional colour = additional screen. The cost of preparing one screen is 40 PLN, which is divided into the number of ordered pieces.

1-colour print run:

  • 1000 pcs. - 4 gr/piece
  • 100 pcs. - 40 gr/piece
  • 20 pcs. - 2 zł/piece

Simple mathematics. That's why it's a good idea to consider how many T-shirts, sweatshirts or other promotional gadgets you'll actually need before placing an order.

T-shirt imprint for years to come - the durability of screen printing

A professionally printed design will not harm any washing machine. The paint has no right to come off after washing even in 50 degrees, and the print itself should survive the material on which it is applied.

What makes a successful, long-lasting print? Proper execution is the result of experience, modern equipment, quality inks and going through every step of the printing process in an artful manner.

Why do we specialise in screen printing? Precisely because of its durability, precision and the possibility of achieving unique special effects. Shimmering gold, neon, tonal gradients or full colour prints? Screen printing is perfect for every project.

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